Help your child succeed in school and in life by getting them to school every day.  A missed absence, for any reason and for any amount of time, is a missed opportunity for learning. 

Below you will find McMicken's attendance policy as well as informational guides. (Click on each section title to access guides and forms.)

Attendance Basics

If your child will not be in school, for any reason, you must call the school office every day your child is out. Please call 206.631.4300. 

Parent Guideline for Student Illness

This guide will help you determine when to keep your child home in the event of illness.

Prearranged Absence Form

This form is used for any vacation taken during the school year, regardless of the length of time away. It is also used for any known absence lasting for 3 days or more, not related to a family vacation. Please fill out the top portion and return to the school's office. 

Every Day Counts

This informational guide provides tips on how to help reduce absences.

State Law Requirements

This informational guide outlines the school's responsibilities in addressing attendance issues.

Important Times

  • 8:15 a.m. - School doors open. Breakfast available. Students proceed to the cafeteria or the gym.
  • 8:40 a.m.- First bell rings. Students are en route to their classrooms.
  • 8:45 a.m.- Second bell rings. Students are in class ready to learn. If a student is not in class when the second bell rings, he/she is considered tardy.

Please Note: Students will not be released the last 10 minutes of the day because it creates too much of a disruption in the classroom. Any parent needing to take their student out of school early must come into the office and sign his/her child out. Once the parent has done this, the student will be called out of class.

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Attendance Celebrations
Each month two Top Classes with the best attendance will be recognized at the all-school assembly. Students in the winning classes will also receive a special treat and a super secret, fun reward. 

Will your student’s class be next?

Primary - Heston:  98.94% of the class attended school every day!


Intermediate - Flanagan:  99.65% of the class attended school every day!


Primary - Smith:  98.88% of the class attended school every day!

Teacher with students

Intermediate - Young:  98.71% of the class attended school every day!

Teacher with students

Primary - Smith:  99.47% of the class attended school every day!
Intermediate - Young:  99.15% of the class attended school every day!
**Second time for both classes!!

Primary - Heston: 93.83% of the class attended school every day!
Intermediate - Goo: 95.38% of the class attended school every day!

Primary - B
Intermediate - 

Primary - 
Intermediate - 

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