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7 Ways to Support Student Learning

7 Ways to Support Student Learning

Standards-Based Instruction & Grading

This year, Highline is implementing a new instructional approach standards-based instruction and grading (SBI/G). 

SBI/G measures your student's progress toward the learning goals for their grade. The state of Washington sets learning standards (or goals) for each grade and course. 

The grade is based on how close your student is to meeting the learning goals. It may take students the entire unit or school year to meet a standard. Grading is not based on behavior or how long it takes to demonstrate learning.

Here are seven ways families, parents and guardians can support students with their learning. 

1. Understand the Grading Scale

Familiarize yourself with the standards-based grading system. Your student will be graded on a scale of 1 through 4 (also called a rubric) to show how close they are to meeting the learning goals. Learn more on our SBI/G webpage.

2. Focus on Learning and Set Goals

Standards-based grading helps families and students focus on learning and growth, instead of focusing on task completion. Work with your child to set specific, achievable goals related to the standards. These goals should be clear, measurable, and tailored to areas where your child needs improvement or wants to excel.

3. Monitor Progress

Monitor your student's learning progress by logging into ParentVUE to access the gradebook. The gradebook will help you identify your student's strengths and opportunities for improvement. Celebrate growth and discuss strategies to address areas where progress is slower.

4. Communicate with Teachers

Regular communication with teachers can provide insights into how your child is progressing toward the standards and what they can do to improve. Ask for specific examples of your child's work and how they align with the grading scale or rubric.

5. Review Feedback Together

Go through teacher feedback with your child. Help them understand the feedback and how it relates to the standards. Discuss strategies to help them improve.

6. Ask Questions

Instead of asking your child, “How was school” and “Did you do your homework?” consider asking your child one of these questions that reinforce learning with SBI/G. 

7. Advocate for Your Student

If you feel your child’s needs are not being met, or if you don't understand how standards are being applied, don’t hesitate to advocate for your child. You may want to meet with your child's teacher or principal.